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22 September 2010


Sufism World


I listen to your speech and congratulations on winning an applause from the audience. Also I like the way you put forward your views and it demonstrates that you have done your research into those areas.

Having said that, you made point which I totally disagree with. You mentioned a place of worship (i.e. Masjid) and a local community centre should be kept separate. This is something I totally disagree with.

I find that throughout history, the Masjid has been a place not only for worship but a place for social engagement for the local community. The political rule and policy of the west has always been to keep the Masjid empty from youth and only allow it to be occupied during silent prayer times. Here in the UK, the government has spent millions on creating Muslim youth centres which really only fuel the social divide amongst Islamic communities.

Masjid should be a place of worship, it should also be a place for social engagement which do not brake any Sharia law or rule. Communities should use the Masjid more often and try to keep it occupied with educational and social activities.

Difference amongst people should end when they enter the masjid and if they find that they are unable to do so then that is a matter of education for both parties.


Im able to see it much clearer and comprehend it wisely.

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