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13 August 2010



Yes, this is worrying, but let's look at the positive here. We have nearly a month to prepare. Honestly, that's awesome; did we have a month to prepare for the Danish cartoon controversy? The big discussion about the WhyIslam.org subway ads around the time of 9/11? (I'm sure Congressman Peter King will make political hay about this too)

Time is a great asset here. Let's get the word out ahead of time. Talk to your friends in other religions and interfaith networks. Let churches know by giving them a call. Tweet it and post it on facebook. Rather than have the Muslim community feel blindsided, start preparing people. Also, by telling non-Muslims, they too will be aware of the situation, and if chain letter emails like this one start going around ( http://www.snopes.com/rumors/photos/martyr.asp ) then those in the know will either stop the chain or reply with corrections.

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