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30 June 2010


The Message

We know you wrote for and read the Message. When you least expect it, it shall be revealed.

Haroon Moghul

Amazingly, I also know that I wrote for The Message, because I wrote for it -- hence there's no real sense of expectation, nor of revelation. I wrote for The Message years ago, when I was in high school.

Ryan Mahoney

Excellent response


Salam alaykum,

Re: "Can you imagine if Thomas Friedman were alive during the American Revolution? Can you guess whose side he would not be on? Can you imagine what quick work Jefferson or Paine would make of his supposed love of freedom and location of humanity in big business-friendly economic policy?"

It's a side issue, but I think we have to ask ourselves - do mainstream Americans care, or find relevance (? inspired guidance), in such hypotheticals?

The Message

Let me guess, your subversive Islamist views have changed?

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