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16 October 2009


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wow..first time to know that.. Thanks for sharing..


Here's an article that shows the hand Muslims had in influencing the development of pizza: http://www.islamicfocus.co.za/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=166&Itemid=24#


And also the hand Muslims had in inventing another Italian favorite, macaroni: http://www.islamicfocus.co.za/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=463&Itemid=24


I just came back from Italy...food was awesome. I wish I knew this then. we rock.


Muslim also done so many inventions in other fields... But it is new for me...

Thanks for the info. keep posting.

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Yahya Birt

Haroon bhai, salams,

Much as I like pasta (and pizza), the fact that they may be partly Islamicate delicacies by way of origin is all well and good, but shouldn't we better make an argument for civilisation as a collective human achievement in our shrinking world, while giving the Islamicate contribution its due?

The pizza keeps changing anyway. Didn't the deep dish version originate in Chicago, and from wherever it originated Mirch Masala's Special Paneer Pizza in Leicester is a multiculti fantasmagoric experience of the first order. So, you are cordially invited, should you ever head towards the United Kingdom and specifically Leicester in the East Midlands, be more than welcome to sample the Mirch special.

Wa s-salam, yahya

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I appreciate the work of all people who share information with others.

Haze Him Fraternity

Good post :)


Not just that, but they also introduced the fork to Europe.

There was a lot of resistance amongst some Italians to using forks rather than their hands. One notable Italian noble insisted that "if God wanted us to eat like that, He would have put them on our fingers."


Also they introduced the guitar to the Spaniards

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