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26 October 2009



I feel saddened by this. You've always been one of the more articulate speakers whenever we had a TV interview. I had always expected that you'd stick around until we got the new building.

However, best wishes in your new endeavor! Your work towards helping the Ummah has always been much appreciated. I know that insha'Allah you'll do something that will make us all proud.

Abu Najda

Bismillah. May Allah bless accept your efforts to date with abundant reward and accept your future efforts for his sake. Dear brother - I feel I have come to know you first through accidentally finding and adding the ICNYU khutbah podcasts, your articles in the lamented Islamica magazine and your blog. It's unfortunate that I have never had an opporunity to meet you in person - but if you are ever in the UK - make sure we all know (via the blog).

Brother - never be surprised about the reach a good person has in this world. I have learnt a lot from you and your knutbahs - much of which I have used when I have delivered by own. You are an inspiration. Truly your reward will be with Allah swt. ws Husman.

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