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06 October 2009



Never too late to study physics, I don't think. While I was a physics major, I personally grew satisfied after reaching Serway's Modern Physics:


Needs some prior knowledge, however (Thomas Calculus, and a book on Calculus based Physics). With this prior knowledge, Serway's Modern Physics is an excellent introduction to Quantum Physics and Special Theory of Relativity. It takes an historical approach to teaching it, talking about the sequence of important experiments and their theoretical implications. I didn't reach the last chapter, which mentions the Big Bang theory. I think, in total, this is only 3 semesters of learning... understanding the concepts by applying the problem-solving is the most important part of Physics education. Also being able to understand the math symbols beyond a superficial level is important.


Subhanallah, as usual what a great post. Hey, why don't you put up permanent booklist on the side of your website, like the way you have links to other blogs and the current recommended reading list on the sides? I will most certainly benefit from it. Consider it? Thx.

Haroon N

thanks for the reading suggestion! I started reading 'Why Us' just tonight - i feel like i've become too much of a cynic after finishing 'empire of illusion', this book should help bring me back to the center.


That was delightful to read. I will definitely check this book out. Jazak Allah Khair.

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