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24 March 2008


henry littlefields

Once I was in a bookstore I saw Christopher Hitchens. I thought, “Is that Christopher Hitchens?” I wasn’t sure. I had just bought a bagel and a coffee from Au Bon Pain. No, I didn’t buy the bagel at Au Bon Pain. I had brought it from home. I did buy the coffee from Au Bon Pain. It was something like a vanilla mocha latte iced. Someone once bought me a chai vanilla pumpkin latte. They thought it was a pussy drink. I thought this was weird. I drank it anyway. I think they wanted me to react to the drink and say things like, “Why did you buy me a pussy drink?” I failed to comprehend what this person was trying to do when they bought me the coffee. I only said, “Thank you,” and drank the drink. Anyway, I had a bagel from home and an iced latte from Au Bon Pain and there was Christopher Hitchens. You couldn’t even tell that I had brought the bagel from home. You couldn’t tell either that it was Christopher Hitchens. I only knew because Letters to a Young Contrarian was in the clearance rack and he seemed really sad about it.

Mirna Miranda

Human intelligence, faith in a supreme being or force, religions, dogmas, beliefs, acts of good and evil remain veiled for the most part waiting for the revelation of the absolute of what is or in essence, what is not! All that exists in reality or in abstract is a conjecture of the sum of the possibilities available within the human potential. Hate for evil and love of good have both played into the chaos of change to impose perceptions upon realities. God or UnGod..both play into our sense of the absolute in life as limited by our intelligence, experience or knowledge. Perhaps the missing factor is "free will" the only vestige of equality that levels the playing field in this game we call "life." Our free will of thought, perception, word and action embodies the grandeur of our realities and the reality of God to each one of us! In this arena, Islam, Christianity, Atheism, Buddhism, and all others manifest what free will determines! None is objectionable as all are a product of the ultimate powers endowed in humanity...by whom or what? That remains to be seen!

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But some tourism operators are worried Samoa will lose business by losing its position as the last place on earth to see the sunset each day, although it will now be one of the first places to see in each new day.

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